The Adventures of Racing

This documentary comes with a warning, prepare to hear the words: ‘epic’, ‘steep’, ’awesome’, ‘gnarly’, ‘fun’ and ‘insane’ multiple times… What can I say, when you combine exhaustion, rowdy trails, and overwhelming beauty for 6 consecutive days, you quickly run out of words.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Traharn Chidley, originally from a quaint English village in the foothills of North Wales, and like many of us, I blimin’ love mountain biking, infact… it changed my life. 7 years ago I had a very different story and biking was no where near my radar. My brother, Joel, grew up racing bikes from the age of 6,

whereas I had my own thing going on. It never occurred to myself or my family that I’d be interested in biking, let alone any good at it, so for years I remained chief cheerleader for Joel at his weekly races.

Until one day, Joel was living the dream in Whistler and saw how unhappy and unrecognisable I had become, he encouraged me to go out riding with his friends. At first it was a way to be closer to Joel while he was in another country, but before I knew it I absolutely loved it, with every crash, pedal bash, and tree smash, I became more confident, excited, alive and free. Until I was finally at a point where I had more control over my life with the strength to change the life path I was on.

To find out more, click here for: This is my story..

My passion for mountain biking rapidly grew, after one week on the Downhill bike, I followed Joel’s wheels and started racing DH mountain biking, quickly progressing on to race Fort William world cup. After a few years of DH, it was time to give enduro mountain biking a go, a perfect combination of fitness and fun. Joel and I both switched to enduro mountain biking, racing had became a huge part of my life. I’m not your typical racer, probably one of the least aggressive people you’ll meet, although I’ll always try my best, the focus is never fully on results.

The things I love about racing are simple, I get to ride with my brother and friends, I get to explore incredible parts of the world I wouldn’t otherwise see, it pushes me to push myself physically, technically and mentally, and that buzz you get where you feel complete exhaustion and bliss satisfaction when the day is done.


Which brings us to now; I moved to British Columbia, Canada, last autumn and instantly started plotting with my bro; “which race shall we do in Canada??…” It was a no-brainer, if we were to do just one, it was the Trans BC enduro, it had everything in one, a week of riding, a guide of BC’s best trails, a challenge, boot camp, holiday… we had to do it! Last year I spent nearly every weekend racing all over Europe from spring to autumn. However, this year with a change of scenery, the focus was on just one BIG race.





The general consensus for the race was, it’s super gnarly, big, hard days on the bike. Now, I’ve heard this before and it’s never as bad as people say, in fact, it usually ends up being perfect for me. As a result i’ve learnt not to take too much notice, relax and be prepared for ANYTHING. Well, let’s just say, first corner of stage one confirmed how hard this race was going to be, nothing to signify what was coming left me well and truly on my toes for the rest of the week.

We spent up to 8 hours on our bikes nearly every day, climbing insane amount of elevation (1500 – 2000 meters a day) with even more descending. Every single descent was super long, (not quite what Joel and I are used to) technical, with the added challenge of not having a clue where the trail was going.

We were sent UP some ridiculously steep climbs, not knowing how far or long it was, added to the challenge, but any time we reached the summit we were overwhelmed with the stoke. The views we got to see were mesmerizing, and we certainly earned those descents.


Neither myself nor Joel have ever done so much consistently intense riding with butt-clenching descents, torturous climbs, epic views, touch of sun stroke and awesome people, it was the perfect recipe for an incredible week.    

If it wasn’t for the race I never would have experienced half the stuff we did, which is the exact reason why I love these races.

To be able to say I did the Trans BC Enduro with my brother, is something I never thought would happen. I feel extremely lucky and happy to have these experiences with Joel by my side.



Traharn Travels – ‘Rest Day’


Rest Days are just as important as training days, you need to give your body the time it needs to recover and rebuild, if not, your muscles never get the opportunity to fully recover, making them weaker and weaker.

Now there are lots of different ways to have a “rest day”,  so long as the muscles needing the recovery get to rest, then it doesn’t have to be the typical ‘couch potato’ day.

Mike and I went to Washington at the weekend and decided to hike up a super cool mountain, with 4000 feet of elevation… but what we tend to do on the way back down is, RUN! It’s so much fun, I’ve been running for years and my knees are well accustomed to downhill running, but I haven’t descended that much, that quickly in a long time! So, as you may have guessed we couldn’t walk straight for the next few days. I constantly looked like John Wayne or like I’d poohed myself… I hadn’t, I swear.

However, the more you sit still, the stiffer and more ridiculous you become… Therefore, we decided the best thing to do was keep our legs moving, get out into the gorgeous sunshine and take our DiamondBack Haanjo Cyclocross/road bikes to Rossland’s local lake, Nancy Green.

Although I’m obviously still using my quads, the focus is on a different part of them and the pressure is much easier to manage.

So off we went for a 60kilometre pedal to Nancy Green Lake…

The Search for Back Country


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After traveling around the world, I’ve discovered a lot of opinions on England, with some of the most common conversations go like this:

Example One

New buddy: “Oh, you’re from England, I’ve been there, where about’s are you from?”
Me: “Shropshire” followed by blank pause, “West midlands… near Wales…”
New buddy: “So, north of London?”

Example Two

New buddy: “You ride mountain bikes? Did you start that out here in Canada, there’s nowhere to ride in England, it’s all flat isn’t it?”


So, as you can imagine, I had a little bit of educating to do: “Yeeeah, London is as pretty south as you can go”… “There are so many incredible places to ride all across the Britain, some of the best mountain bike racers in the world come from my home town, Shrewsbury.”

Most people are always so surprised, their image of Britain is it’s: flat, busy, overcrowded, wet, grey with traffic-jams, football hooligans and bad teeth;

It has been my absolute pleasure in showing people otherwise. The first person I really got to show Britain’s beauty to, was my Canadian boyfriend, Mike Hopkins, his opinion wasn’t too dis-similar to others. Mike was shocked at how similar my home village, Snailbeach, was to his home town Rossland. Rossland is basically Snailbeach on steroids, an old mining town, on top of the hill, incredible riding trails straight out the front door, even going down the hill to the next village is the same, down the road to the factory town, with a reputation of being a little bit grubbier. People could think I’m literally talking about either one; a tiny, quaint english village on top of the hill, called Snailbeach, or, a quaint Canadian mountain town, called Rossland.


It didn’t take Mike long to fall in love with my home village, beautiful scenery, awesome riding, with cool old buildings full of history… The deeper into the North Wales mountains we went the more Mike’s mind was blown, mesmerised by the perfectly built ancient stone walls guarding the tiny narrow roads for miles and miles.

Mikes visited a handful of times, but this time I wanted to take him to The Lake District in North England. This place is outstanding, I also have way more exploring of my own to do up there, but last year, during a race (The Three Peaks Yacht Race), I came across a beautiful cottage, tucked away in the middle of the tillest mountains in England. Since then I vowed to come back with Mike and stay in this little cottage; which turned out to be the most remote hostel in Great Britain, only accessable by foot, with the closest road nearly 10 kilometers away.


I wanted to film our journey to show people that England has so much more to offer, we have back-country too and it’s beautiful.

So sit back and enjoy the video we put together, I mean it wouldn’t be a proper British trip without a little bit of rain… however, rain and shine, this place is specatular!

Spring in to Summer

Home sweet home.

I grew up in a beautiful, quaint, typical English village, deep in the hills of Shropshire, the gateway to the mountains of North Wales. I’ve always appreciated where I was brought up, but the appreciation bumped up a fair few notches over the last 7 years, as I started running and mountain biking, I truly saw every aspect this tiny village, full of heart and soul had to offer.

My passion for biking started like an explosion.  Thanks to encouragement from my brother, my life changed dramatically. For years I was trapped in an abusive relationship, constantly walking on eggshells fearing for my life. Mountain biking gave me the strength I’d lacked for years. With each new day, each pedal stroke, every crash, fall, bruise, came with another smile; until I finally saw myself stepping out of my own shadows. Before I knew it, I was strong enough to break through the barrier I’d been trapped behind for years, and it’s been full speed ahead ever since.

This is my story..

There was a lot of lost time to make up for, life’s goal had one purpose, be happy, love and be loved. The mountains, family and friends came first; I’d been riding a downhill mountain bike for one week, and felt it was time to enter my first race… I instantly became hooked. Within a year I ranked number one in the UK in the 18-30’s UCI downhill category, and moved into the elite category. My life was unrecognisable from my previous self, I was me again. That’s when I took off to New Zealand, skipping a British winter to have a Southern Hemisphere summer, full of mountains, bikes, sun and fun.

I found my home away from home, riding the bike park every day, slotting in to the Queenstown biking community. New Zealand was incredible, I’d drastically improved on the bike after just a few weeks, and there was no doubt about who I was, or what I was about. During my last 2 months in NZ I happened to meet a nice Canadian boy called Mike… The rest is history.

Mike and I continued seeing each other, carrying on with the peaks and valleys of a long distance relationship for 4 years; it was a combination of the most romantic love story and a god damn emotional rollercoaster. At times we would spend up to 5 months with the Ocean between us, until I made the move to live in Canada. I moved there in October 2016 and had not only the first winter for years but the longest winter ever. We lived in Revelstoke, the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, and when the snow was good, the place was insane, powder and tree skiing for days; I was a beginner skier but picked it up fairly quickly and loved how similar it felt to biking.

Then spring hit town… After growing up in the country hill side of Britain, whenever I think of Spring; I think of lambs, bluebells, bright yellow fields, lighter days, sunshine with the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass. However, Revelstoke had another idea for spring; the only thing blossoming was all the dog poop that hadn’t been picked up over winter, the snow was starting to melt, good ski days were over, still too much snow for biking, lots of rain, and lots of poop. My job was seasonal and finished in April, so I got a ticket back to the UK for a couple of months.

I know us Brits are renowned for complaining about the weather, but I’ve never been more appreciative of the blossoming weather the UK offers. I feel lucky to be torn between two beautiful countries, Canada has extreme seasons, awesome skiing and looks magical over Christmas, and in Britain we have mild seasons, which never stop you getting out on your bike.

As soon as I arrived home it was exactly what I imagined, early wakeup call from the singing birds, sun was up till 9pm, biking trails were in prime conditions, coated with beautiful bluebells, baby lambs everywhere, every other field was full of bright yellow flowers. I was happy to be home, so decided to capture the beauty of everything I love about a proper British Spring. With my new DiamondBack Haanjo Carbon Cyclocross Bike, which allowed me to travel on and off road capturing as many aspects of spring as possible.

So here it is, a short and sweet edit showing my favourite parts of a British spring.

Killer Chidley

One of the things I love about seeing Ben Calder at Shrewsbury’s Centre for Integral Health, is how his Kinesiology sessions make me think about myself. I first went to visit Ben thinking I was absolutely fine and there was nothing really to work on, but that is so far from the case. There are little traits of mine which I’ve found annoying but thought, “hey, that’s just the way I am”, but Ben can help reset the way I operate, he’s not changing my personality, just helping me cope with everyday situations. Now, every time I visit Ben, I have a list as long as my arm: how I’m feeling, how I’m coping, how I’ve dealt with something. Ben will simply guide me through it, helping me to understand a situation a bit better and then go on to help reverse certain areas in my brain by using Kinesiology, whether it’s due to low self-esteem, worry, confidence, fear, etc.

(See my other post: Kinesiology… Magic).

Last year when I went to visit Ben, after talking a lot, he realised I had an issue with applying assertiveness and fearing aggression, I put this to being a combination of my nature and a result of my past relationship (click here for →This is my story..), but when I’m competing on my bike, racing down a gnarly stage, aggression is good, it’s the fire within me I need to get down.

Ben is working on bringing out that “Killer Chidley” he knows is in me, it just needs guidance on how to enter the world.

_MEP7861 Crop Colour

Ben used a clever and fascinating technique to reverse/reset the affected areas in my brain, which will help me feel more comfortable with assertiveness and less afraid of it.

Through using Kinesiology, Ben found other areas I struggled with, one of which is focus. So Ben started to help me, which would also contribute to helping apply my aggression. As well as guiding me and reassuring me that aggression is good and it’s not all as bad or as damaging as the aggression I have experienced in the past, it’s part of our survival and I depend on aggression to be a good racer, he recommended I start meditating.


I must admit, until this point I had a very stereotypical view of meditation, and knew zero health benefits that came along with it and just saw how much valuable time it took up. However, I like to think I’m open minded and as soon as Ben mentioned meditation, I was interested. It’s certainly something I’d never thought about before, however, my lack of focus and assertiveness is something I’ve thought about and just assumed… that’s the way I am. If there was something I could do to change that, then I’m all ears. Ben also discovered my body was lacking in B5 vitamins which will help my brains overall functioning.

When I’m competing and racing my bike down a track, my focus is everywhere, I seem to notice everything, but the track, I struggle to remember tracks and they end up blending into one big run, unless I’m able to ride a track 10+ times, it often feels like it’s the first time I’ve ridden it. I notice every person on the sideline, every marshal, every spectator, every photographer, every dog. If I mess up a line, I get frustrated with myself and then miss every single line afterwards, the entire run feels like a battle, I’m quite hard on myself during a run and put myself down when I make a small mistake, but that negative energy sets the tone for the rest of the run, I feel inadequate and useless, so that’s how I start to ride. Probably like many people, I ride much better during practice, I’m more relaxed, there’s no pressure and I don’t get held up on any mistakes. I’ve had good results, I’ve had great results, but if Ben could really help me with my focus I know my riding would go above and beyond.

So let’s give this meditation a go. Ben gave me a posture that was easy to hold, whilst taking pressure off my spleen. I could stand there for an hour, still as anything, but one thing I struggled with and continue to struggle with, is; I can not switch my brain off. I’m not solving problems, finding solutions, fixing life… I’m simply thinking, my brain seems to be filled with irrelevant thoughts. I often drift out of a conversation because someone’s mentioned something, which I take away and start daydreaming… even though that person is still talking and on to a completely different subject already, and this is how I operate on the track.


I have become more and more aware of my body, my brain, the way I cope, the way I present myself; it’s been a long process but I’m getting better. I still haven’t managed switching my brain off, and fallen into that deep meditation state (which sounds wonderful). However, I feel more present, I’m trying harder to really focus on conversations and not letting myself drift away, most night’s I fall asleep listening to an audiobook from Louise Hay. With the help from Ben, I’m reseting my mind process.

It’s great to see how more and more of the world are becoming awear of the benefits of meditation, and how important it is to look after yourself, not just your body, but just as importantly, your mind too.

Follow this link, showing the results from a school replacing detention with meditation → Click here


Stay tuned to see how else Ben Calder can help me try to be the best version of me.

Dan Wyre Photography

Kinesiology… Magic

I am LOVING Spring!!!!! I’m back visiting the UK after a loooong winter in Canada, and what a beautiful time to come home.


After visiting Ben Calder at the Centre for Integral Health last week, I felt much better, I really looked forward to visiting Ben all winter.

The first thing I’d noticed after our Bowen session, was my lower back pain had decreased, still there but just lingering with certain movements rather than constantly. That’s one thing I’ve noticed with the Bowen Technique, the movements are subtle, but extremely effective; the more time you give it, the more benefits you start to notice.

This week, I wasn’t sure what to focus on with Ben, there seemed to be many areas he could help with … but which ones first, what was more important? Ben decided he was going to find out what my body needed, seeing as I didn’t have a clue. Now this is what I find fascinating: I lie there silently while Ben hold’s up my arm, muttering all sorts of questions and solutions that I don’t really understand, but as Ben asks certain questions my body reacts giving him the answer he needs. It’s like watching magic, how can my body answer something that I don’t even understand. It’s just proof that what we do, see, say, smell, touch, is a tiny percentage of what’s actually going on in our bodies and mind.

Baz Luhrman say’s it well…

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can, don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it… It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.”

Our bodies really are the greatest tools we’ll ever own, if we treat it well, it will look after us. Kinesiology is a fascinating and bizarrely accurate way of finding out what our bodies truly need. More often than not we end up giving our bodies something because it’s healthy and society says that’s what we should do, but every single person is different, and a diet/lifestyle suitable for one person isn’t necessarily best for another.

In my first Kinesiology session with Ben last year, I discovered I was a Red Body Type. There are just 3 body types which every single one of us fit in to, this doesn’t change from the day you’re born, the more sessions you have, the deeper the Kinesiologist will go with your personal requirements, but once you know you’re body type you can instantly start improving the quality of your life.  Within minutes Ben could tell me which sleep patterns suit me, when I should eat, what I should eat, what I shouldn’t eat, how much I should eat. Once we’re aware of what our bodies need, we can start functioning at our best. Although I technically had a very healthy diet, my body was only receiving 40% of the nutrients from the food I ate, there were certain foods restricting the abstraction of nutrients. I discovered my body works best on a low carb, high protein and moderate fat diet, I need breakfast first thing in the morning, an early nights sleep and an early wake up, I should be avoiding wheat and gluten and surprisingly, broccoli.

I’ve always thought I was more of a night Owl, regularly falling asleep after midnight, but on those occasions where I’d gone to sleep around 10pm, the following day would be far more productive and less of an effort. I feel happier within myself if I have an early morning with a good nights sleep; I had already started cutting back on wheat and carbs as I’d discovered they made me feel bloated and lethargic, but I never really liked eating breakfast too early.

When Ben told me all of the basic traits along with my body type, it instantly made sense; I became stricter with cutting out gluten, my sleep patterns and breakfast times. Within a week I had far more energy, I no longer felt sleepy throughout the day and the bloated feeling had gone. I was fascinated by the entire kinesiology process and raved about it to anyone and everyone who would listen.

My mum was very interested, and like myself, there were no specific issues she went in to fix, she was just curious. She was rather devastated to discover her body type should avoid all the night shade foods… Chilis, peppers, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines etc. These were Mums absolute favourite foods, but, she gave it a go, for 6 weeks she did what was advised, if there were no changes, she’d just go back to eating her favourite foods.


However, after a couple of weeks, the difference was incredible. None of us knew, but mum had been suffering with chronic joint pain, she’d learnt to live with it and suffered in silence for years. She’d had an operation on her Achilles tendon years ago and we knew the op didn’t work, which meant she had to stretch every morning before she could walk, but all throughout the day she was stiff and uncomfortable. Every night she’d call for my Dad to pull her off the sofa; she’s in her mid 40’s, full of life and a bit of a drama queen, so we just put it to Mum being a bit dramatic, lazy, and tired. However, after a few weeks on her new diet, she started jumping off the sofa to go to bed. Me and Dad just looked at each other wondering what was happening, then Mum told us how she’d been suffering with constant joint pain and it had now gone.


So… back to my most recent session with Ben, he asked my body what it needed, and after carrying out a handful of tests he found an issue with my Neural repair, which requires B5 to correct itself. He also preformed a reset procedure to help certain hormones and biochemicals to function better.

I was sent home with instructions on where to find the B5 vitamins I needed, and our next appointment was in the diary.


Sort Me Out

A winter in British Columbia, Canada, is pretty rad; I had an incredible experience with an awesome job and it allowed me to drastically improve my skiing skillz; however, there were a few factors I really missed. Apart from the obvious: my British friends, family and little doglets, it’s been the first time I haven’t been able to ride my bike or run.

Although I did lots of DH skiing and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, I really missed my cardio workouts. I’ve never felt so restricted and trapped by the weather. I know us Brits love a good moan, and for some reason it’s the weather that gets the brunt of our complaints, however, this winter really made me appreciated UK winters. Yes, it might be wet, muddy, dark, cold, but it never stops you going for a run or riding your bike, in-fact some of the funnest rides I’ve been on, was when the weather was terrible and you come home covered in mud, it’s the closest I get to feeling like a kid again.

I’m used to looking up at mountains, then going there, no questions asked. Please don’t get me wrong, Revelstoke is fantastic, full of badass athletes and professional skiers, with everyone getting out there ski-touring, but I wasn’t a skilled enough skier to head out into the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains, you need to be a good skier who’s confident enough to handle avalanches… I am not!

With only a few short sessions cross country skiing and lots of Down-Hill skiing, It was the least active I’ve been in years, I put on weight, and although I did yoga every single morning, I’ve never been in so much non-injury related pain. Everything started to hurt, but why? Eventually I realized a connection; after having a trampoline accident 15 years ago, I always suffered with back pains, until I started running and biking regularly, then my back pain finally diminished. Stop me doing my regular endurance activities, throw me into a cold Canadian winter… I’m seizing up.

It’s now spring and I’m back home visiting the UK, first things first… I’m booking an appointment with Ben Calder at The Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury. I worked with Ben a lot last year and I had the pleasure to experience the effects of Bowen Technique. As a masseuse, I’m used to being very hands on, the deeper the massage, the better I feel, but Bowen Technique is completely different, it uses very subtle movements to reset the fascia in the muscle. I didn’t think I had any problem areas when I went to Ben, at first, I didn’t notice much difference… But as I continued going to Ben, the results were outstanding!

You know that tired feeling in your legs when you first start running or biking, it always takes a few minutes to warm up before your legs stop feeling so heavy… I no longer had that, my legs were full of energy and ready to go, it didn’t matter how much I’d done during the week, after seeing Ben regularly my legs were ready to go 24/7. I noticed I recovered from races a lot quicker; on average, races I competed in were 3-5 days long, 2-3 days practicing with 2-3 days racing. Each day I’d be riding for 7 hours, completing daily loops of 50K, sometimes more, after maintaining this for nearly a week I usually come home feeling hung over, tired and can’t even think about biking for a few days, I just eat copious amounts of food and sleep, but after seeing Ben my recovery time dropped substantially; I’d have one rest day then I’d be back to it, without any tired legs. I also noticed something else; I do a lot of running and when I push myself, it’s the same muscles that ache the next few days, but on one particular day, I entered a Park Run, ran my usual race, pushed myself like I usually do, not only did I get my PB for Shrewsburys course, completing in under 21 minutes, the next day muscles were hurting that I’ve never felt before. I’ve run Mountain Marathons and lots of 5-15mile Mountain races (fell runs) and not once have these muscles hurt. Ben enlightened me, my body was finally working efficiently, muscles have stopped compensating allowing the muscles I truly need to do there job, I was amazed and extremely excited.

Needless to say, I’ve really missed my regular appointments with Ben, I walked into Ben’s clinic feeling a wreck, he tested my muscles to see which ones were/weren’t working properly; interestingly he found my glutes and hamstrings were weak, as he started the treatment he found they weren’t firing properly and reset them. I’m looking forward to seeing how they test next time. I’ve struggled with my lower back and hips this winter, but, as soon as I stood up after the treatment, I instantly felt better, I was no longer seized up, I could’ve cried… It’s good to be home.

I’m finally able to train every day; road riding, running and mountain biking, I feel 100% better physically and mentally. Seeing Ben is the final piece to the puzzle, stay tuned to find out what he helps with next week.

Thank you Ben

Rainy Revy

The end of the ski season is finally here… It’s done nothing but rain for weeks in Revelstoke. Skiing’s dying down, too much snow for biking, all that seems to be blossoming, is all the dog poop that’s remerging after hiding under the snow for months!

On a plus side … My Bikes arrived from Diamond Back, YAY! I have never been so excited to get riding again, back in the UK you can ride all year round, I really missed that this winter, but now I am beyond stoked for getting on my new bikes and for my awesome new sponsor. I started riding to and from work on my shiny new carbon Cyclocross bike – for myself it’s perfect for training and road riding. So with the rain pouring, off I went to work on my beautiful bike, the weather was miserable but I was so happy. Even Mike started borrowing it and after his first ever road ride, he ordered himself one from Diamond Back.

Click here → Diamond Back Haanjo Carbon



We had a couple of days where we road together with our cool new bikes before we decided to completely check out of Revelstoke and migrate south! We were throwing around a few ideas of where to go, we were close to booking a last minute road riding trip to Cuba, but it had been a long winter for both of us so we decided to go on our first “relaxing” holiday!! Where better to go than Sayulita, Mexico. I’d never been to Mexico but Mike had visited Sayulita with one of his sponsors a few years back and couldn’t wait to take me…

Dream Ride 2.0

I finally moved to Canada end of October, the exact same time Mike was given the go ahead for Dream Ride 2.0

I was so happy for him, he got to do what he loved again, I just didn’t really see him for months… Well I got to “see” him, but his mind was definitely else where, even when my parents came for Christmas he was in his own little world, acting like a zombie in ours. Diamond Back wanted the edit to be done by mid March, so there was no way round it, Mike needed to do a Mountain Bike edit over winter, which meant he had to go somewhere else to film it; which of course is fine, just comes hand in hand with more planning, more work, more money. He didn’t really see the point of sharing all these tasks or thoughts or worries with me. keeping it to himself, but with a little encouragment he gradually started letting me in, soon realizing I could help him, I had extremely small jobs, but it was one less thing for Mike to think about. I helped work out the budget and how much he’d have for certain areas, I booked all the accommodation through Hawaii and Canada, in fact, for a while the only time I got to talk to Mike while he was in Hawaii was to discuss where he wanted to stay. Finally we were working as it team, and it brought us closer together.


It made me so happy to be able to help him, watching the stress lessen,  and be by his side while he created another masterpiece.

He spent over a month in Hawaii and 3 weeks filming in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.


He had a vision throughout and he didn’t eat or sleep till he was happy with what the crew had. He hand-picked his team of creative genius’s, they all work incredibly well together, and it was amazing to see the respect they had for each other, at no point did the standards drop, they knew what they were there for, they worked together to make sure the picture in Mikes head came to life.

Dream Ride 2.0

Dream Ride – 2016