Rainy Revy

The end of the ski season is finally here… It’s done nothing but rain for weeks in Revelstoke. Skiing’s dying down, too much snow for biking, all that seems to be blossoming, is all the dog poop that’s remerging after hiding under the snow for months!

On a plus side … My Bikes arrived from Diamond Back, YAY! I have never been so excited to get riding again, back in the UK you can ride all year round, I really missed that this winter, but now I am beyond stoked for getting on my new bikes and for my awesome new sponsor. I started riding to and from work on my shiny new carbon Cyclocross bike – for myself it’s perfect for training and road riding. So with the rain pouring, off I went to work on my beautiful bike, the weather was miserable but I was so happy. Even Mike started borrowing it and after his first ever road ride, he ordered himself one from Diamond Back.

Click here → Diamond Back Haanjo Carbon



We had a couple of days where we road together with our cool new bikes before we decided to completely check out of Revelstoke and migrate south! We were throwing around a few ideas of where to go, we were close to booking a last minute road riding trip to Cuba, but it had been a long winter for both of us so we decided to go on our first “relaxing” holiday!! Where better to go than Sayulita, Mexico. I’d never been to Mexico but Mike had visited Sayulita with one of his sponsors a few years back and couldn’t wait to take me…


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