Dream Ride 2.0

I finally moved to Canada end of October, the exact same time Mike was given the go ahead for Dream Ride 2.0

I was so happy for him, he got to do what he loved again, I just didn’t really see him for months… Well I got to “see” him, but his mind was definitely else where, even when my parents came for Christmas he was in his own little world, acting like a zombie in ours. Diamond Back wanted the edit to be done by mid March, so there was no way round it, Mike needed to do a Mountain Bike edit over winter, which meant he had to go somewhere else to film it; which of course is fine, just comes hand in hand with more planning, more work, more money. He didn’t really see the point of sharing all these tasks or thoughts or worries with me. keeping it to himself, but with a little encouragment he gradually started letting me in, soon realizing I could help him, I had extremely small jobs, but it was one less thing for Mike to think about. I helped work out the budget and how much he’d have for certain areas, I booked all the accommodation through Hawaii and Canada, in fact, for a while the only time I got to talk to Mike while he was in Hawaii was to discuss where he wanted to stay. Finally we were working as it team, and it brought us closer together.


It made me so happy to be able to help him, watching the stress lessen,  and be by his side while he created another masterpiece.

He spent over a month in Hawaii and 3 weeks filming in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.


He had a vision throughout and he didn’t eat or sleep till he was happy with what the crew had. He hand-picked his team of creative genius’s, they all work incredibly well together, and it was amazing to see the respect they had for each other, at no point did the standards drop, they knew what they were there for, they worked together to make sure the picture in Mikes head came to life.

Dream Ride 2.0

Dream Ride – 2016


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