Summer Rush … Making it Count! – Part Three


I’ve lost track of the races I’ve done this year, they all seem to blend in to one. Before I knew it I was packed up and on the road to La Thuile for round 4 of the EWS. This place blew my mind. All six stages were full on Downhill tracks, it’s been a while since I’ve had my fingers cease to the bars, screaming down at my pumped up forearms.

Stage one was the only stage where we had to earn the descent with a beautiful two hour alpine climb. Stages two-six were accessed by chairlifts, gaining serious elevation, delivering 10-15 minutes of downhill galore. Race day one was fun, fast, loose and steep, the faster you went the wider the smile grew, I forgot I was there racing. However, race day two was set at a different pace; stage five was loam heaven on steroids and six was a butt-clencher from top to bottom, but both were probably my favourite stages. The locals couldn’t have been more welcoming, and just 60 miles from the hustle and bustle of Morzine, it’s a hidden gem.

Find out more on La Thuile EWS here – La Thuile

If I ever found myself with the rarity of a free weekend, another race would pop up from somewhere, or I’m straight on the case for a social shindig.

The Summer Solstice is also a big ‘todo’ at the Chidley residence, riding till the sun goes down, surrounding the pump track, roasting marshmallows on the bonfire; this year’s weather put a slighting different ring to the day, but the Shropshire mons came out in force and stuck out the rain until we were summoned back to the woodfire pizza oven.



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