My top 5 race tips..

Girls DHRacing is what you make of it.. You can either dedicate your entire life building a career around it.. or simply enter a handful events a year, putting some miles in on the bike, experience a different style of riding and just have a bit of fun.
Which ever description suits you, I think my race tips apply to anyone and everyone considering tackling a Mountain-bike race..
1) Save energy:
If you know you have time to get to the next stage, go steady, save that energy for the race run, plus the longer it takes you to ride there the less time you’re waiting for your start time.
2) Don’t take it too seriously:
Remember why or what got you into mountain biking in the first place. I’m sure it was for fun or freedom or something liberating.. No matter how important your race results may become, never loose sight of why you’re there in the first place.
3) Enter with a friend:
It makes it so much more fun getting your Stoke on with a buddy! You support and motivate each other and just get all yip skippy together when the trails are rad!
4) Dance waiting for your run:
Always keep things light and fun, waiting for your start time is a dark ticking bomb.. Dancing can be the best way to loosen up, warm up, stay focused, positive, and make sure you ride like a bad ass.
5) Become your biggest fan:
Encourage yourself during your race run. Don’t get all cocky in the pits, but when you’re on the bike, own it!
Don’t ever focus on the negatives, like “you idiot, why did you hit that tree.. Come on!”
Stay calm and holler with gnar when you hit that line you wanted. If you think you’re going to fail.. You’ve already lost. Stay stoked!
Now go out and shred.. 
Photo cred – Victoria Macken

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