3 Peaks Yacht Race..

edited 01-05-15

Well, a lot of exciting opportunities have come my way since I shared my story on surviving and then thriving after escaping an abusive relationship.
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One of which I’d love your support with..
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I’ve been personally contacted by record breaking badass sailor, Dee Caffari, she’s asked me to join her 5 man team for the 3 peaks Yacht race this June! And naturally there was no other response than “good god, that sounds incredible, I’d be honoured to join the team”.
It’s one of the toughest adventure races in the world, combining sailing, mountain marathon running, cycling and even a spot of kayaking (if the seas behave).
As a runner of the team I’ll be running 3 marathons in 2-4 days, summiting the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland (Snowdown, Scarfell Pike, and Ben Nevis).. Also adding in a 30 mile bike ride for good measures.

The yacht sets sail from Barmouth, with all team members aboard, it’ll harbour in 3 spots up the west coast of the UK, where I’ll jump off.. Hopefully not too sea sick, and head up the mountains. While myself and another team member are running, the sailors get some rest, while we’re sailing I’ll be resting/recovering and hopefully learning some cool yacht skillz.

I’m so excited, this is without a doubt going to remain the highlight of my sporting career for years to come.

We’re raising money for a charity close to Dee’s heart; Sail4Cancer.

So far I am extremely fortunate to have the support from Inov8, Mons Royale and Sealskinz.

I would be forever grateful if you could sponsor me through this event.
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My top 5 race tips..

Girls DHRacing is what you make of it.. You can either dedicate your entire life building a career around it.. or simply enter a handful events a year, putting some miles in on the bike, experience a different style of riding and just have a bit of fun.
Which ever description suits you, I think my race tips apply to anyone and everyone considering tackling a Mountain-bike race..
1) Save energy:
If you know you have time to get to the next stage, go steady, save that energy for the race run, plus the longer it takes you to ride there the less time you’re waiting for your start time.
2) Don’t take it too seriously:
Remember why or what got you into mountain biking in the first place. I’m sure it was for fun or freedom or something liberating.. No matter how important your race results may become, never loose sight of why you’re there in the first place.
3) Enter with a friend:
It makes it so much more fun getting your Stoke on with a buddy! You support and motivate each other and just get all yip skippy together when the trails are rad!
4) Dance waiting for your run:
Always keep things light and fun, waiting for your start time is a dark ticking bomb.. Dancing can be the best way to loosen up, warm up, stay focused, positive, and make sure you ride like a bad ass.
5) Become your biggest fan:
Encourage yourself during your race run. Don’t get all cocky in the pits, but when you’re on the bike, own it!
Don’t ever focus on the negatives, like “you idiot, why did you hit that tree.. Come on!”
Stay calm and holler with gnar when you hit that line you wanted. If you think you’re going to fail.. You’ve already lost. Stay stoked!
Now go out and shred.. 
Photo cred – Victoria Macken

My top 5 international riding spots

Thinking about it it’s actually pretty hard picking my top 5 riding spots, I’ve been fortunate enough to ride all over the UK, with killer spots in Shropshire, Wales, The Lakes, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand.. I could write a book of hot spots, but here is the short list:
Eastridge: Shrewsbury, England.
How can I not love my back garden, literally stepping out of my front door and into some of the most technical and raw terrained trails in the UK, however amazing an adventure I’ve had somewhere, I always love coming home.
Hopton: Shropshire, England.
This is where my first ever downhill race was, and the tracks are insanely fun, now with a full cross-country loop, where you can link in the downhill tracks, it would be rude not to.
Sunshine Coast: Canada.
I’ve been lucky enough to be guided around by the Coastal Crew boys, and not only do they have a sick bike park (Coast Gravity Park), they know all the hidden gems too, turning a logging road into the fastest playground I’ve ever ridden, riding flat out hopping over fallen trees and through Canada’s great Cedar.
Coronet Peak: Queenstown, New Zealand.
I’ve spent 3 summers in New Zealand and each year I explore the country finding a new favourite place.. But Coronet Peak still holds the ultimate trophy. With the QT crew constantly adding new tracks it’s only getting better, trails deaking off from every angle and being able to descend on some of the funnest tracks you’ll ever ride for a solid 30 minutes.
Seven Summits: Red Mountain, Rossland, British Columbia, Canada.
35km of pure single track, taking you across Canada’s Alpine through 7 Mountains, and not one fire-road in sight! The climbs are beautiful, exciting, challenging, and then you get to the descents.. You earn every single rad descent. I feel like a kid again. The entire ride is exciting with constant stunning views of Canada, greeted by chipmunks, whilst warning off any bears; there’s also a continuous supply of wooden cabins, welcoming you in with a log fire and matches, take some sausages or cheese sarnies in foil and you’ve got yourself one epic Back-Country feast.